10 qualities you need to become a security guard

10 qualities you need to become a security guard

30, December, 2020

R Group Security

From armed robbery and shoplifting to drunken wars, security remains an ongoing problem for South Australian Adelaide businesses. The guards are standing by to protect these businesses to ensure that such problems can be handled properly and efficiently. The constant presence of the threat means that the guards need to stay on the ball. So in order to carry out their duties in this way, security guards need to be skilled.


Here are ten Security Guard Qualities you need to do to help secure South Australian,  business security:


This type of role requires you to work closely with your employer. This means that your employer needs to trust you to make the right decisions to protect their business and the community at large. It is therefore important that you express yourself well so that you can create and maintain this trust.

Leader and Team Player:

Although security guards are less visible in groups, in most cases, they work in teams to ensure that the business border is completely protected. This includes knowing when to vaccinate, and when to follow someone else’s instructions. By doing so, your team will be able to perform better.


This involves being well-equipped to handle any situation that may arise for you. Proper clothing and footwear are essential to keep you comfortable during inspections. You will also need essential security equipment to be able to communicate and physically deal with any abusers you may face.

Value and Respect for Life:

The constant need for physical combat means that as a security guard, you will have to face the issue of how much power you have. Especially when war is imminent, or when there is an attack, it is important for the guards to make sure that they make an effort to defeat the offender and avoid any form of injury to the offender or others watching.

Immediate Conditions:

Being a security guard means you have to be alert at all times and be able to check what is going on around you. Your alertness is needed to show how quickly you can react to a potentially dangerous situation. The guards must analyze the situation immediately so that they can decide how to deal with it.


In line with quick thinking, a security guard must be able to make good decisions about whether something is dangerous, and if it is a threat, how big it is. Comprehension depends on making sense of each aspect of the situation and being able to predict how it will play out.

Advanced Communication Skills:

Between reporting to your employer, your partners, and the community, you need to be able to describe what you are doing quickly and effectively – everything from your current situation to the type of threat you are facing. This ensures that you are able to direct the situation in a safer way.

Unusual strength and durability:

There is a definite opportunity for physical combat in this role. Whether you need to escape from a thief or to stop fighting, to do so you need to have the right physical strength and stamina to keep up with the criminals.

Education and Training:

Most importantly, the security guard needs to fully understand the security functions. These sector standards and practices are required to perform all functions effectively. Training and training for this job ensure that you are able to find and maintain a stable job.

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