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Types of Security Guards and What They Do


In this article we will discuss Types of Security Guards and What will security Officer do? The responsibilities of the protective security officer are constant, the world around. Their job is to guard assets by observation, reporting, and defensive against any breach of security.

But the day-after-day of these responsibilities could be a little constant in a very a lot of larger scope of career choices.

The Types of Security Guards:

There are 3 main sorts of security officers operating for personal and public businesses and individuals: government, in-house, and people operating contractually for personal security corporations.

  • Within those main varieties, there are even a lot of choices –
  • armed and unarmed,
  • plainclothes or clad, 
  • on-the-scene or remote

And on the far side, that’s the wild gamut of workplaces wherever their skills are placed to use.

Read on to be told a lot of concerning a number of the most variations within the sorts of security guards out there and also the totally different jobs they perform.

1. Government Contract Security Guards:

These guards are shrunken by the government and are usually armed and extremely trained. Their job is to take care of order and secure, protect, and defend government personnel and property. certificate job includes adding places such as:

  • Courthouses
  • Centers of operation
  • The law
  • The Government persons 
  • Australian Posts
  • Dept. of independent agency

2. In-House Security Guards:

In-house security guards also are referred to as proprietary security. These are skilled security officers employed directly by the businesses that require security. they’re not shrunken through the center. In-house guards are paid by and report back to the businesses that rent them and operate thereunder company’s expectations.

Proprietary security guards have a large array of opportunities. There are many industries that require security guards on-the-scene or on the road to guard the company’s services or assets. a number of these include:

  • Armored automotive Guards
  • Bank Security
  • Hospital and eye Security
  • TSA Officers
  • Cruise Ship Security
  • Residential Protection
  • Information Security
  • Hotel and Resort Safety and Security
  • Nightclub Bouncers
  • Testing and producing Security
  • Warehouses
  • Museums
  • And more

3. Contract Security Guards:

Private contract security guards for the foremost common sort. These are the guards utilized contractually by personal security agencies. purchasers rent the agency, that provides security within the kind of whichever sort of guard below most closely fits the client’s wants.

Some purchasers of personal security agencies even have the choice to rent in-house security. persistently it’s less complicated and more practical for them to contract out the service through an area security firm than to rent internally.

Private watcher choices

There are many choices for businesses catching the services of a non-public security agency. Most security firms can offer some or all of the safety guard choices below:

4. Armed Security Officers:

Armed guards carry guns. they’ll conjointly carry different doubtless fatal weapons. High threat levels, like things involving violence or valuables, usually need armed guards.

Many armed guards are ex-military or enforcement officers. The experience they gain in weapons handling and handling violent conflict build ex-military personnel and enforcement officers glorious candidates for armed security.

The requirements for armed security guards for the foremost strict. These officers should have completed state-mandated firearms certification, additionally as further security coaching.

Armed security officers are utilized across the entire spectrum of industries. Their utility ranges from construction sites to concerts to conferences and much on the far side.

5. Unarmed Security Officers:

Unarmed security guards are the bread and butter of personal security. Not having guns doesn’t build them less valuable. within the grand theme of things, most of the people really need unarmed security a lot of usually than not.

Low threat level jobs abound, and unarmed security guards fill those wants utterly. Tasks for unarmed security guards embrace police work, Mobile patrolling, entry management, policy social control, and general crime deterrent.

6. Off-Duty Police:

Police officers are utilized for a town, State, and Municipalities. they control to the standards of their administration. Off-duty law enforcement officials are usually commissioned to take care of security and flow of traffic at native events like parades and festivals.

Police presence is useful for security publicly places wherever police presence is accepted, such as:

  • Theatres
  • Parks
  • Arenas
  • Retail Centers
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Residential Property

Off-duty police are trained in native law and will operate among the scope of their police powers among their native jurisdiction.

R Group Security Solution mobile patrol

7. Personal Protection Officers:

Personal protection officers, or VIP and govt protection, are security agents assigned to the protection of 1 person. These agents are usually well-armed and extremely trained. Their job is to physically shield high-profile and at-risk persons like celebrities and politicians.

8. Remote Video police work Agents:

Remote video police work agents are trained to watch in exceptional detail. Their job is to grasp the positioning layout and approved personnel. They monitor security camera footage to spot and report something outside of the normal.

Video observation could be an essential component for effective security systems. closed-circuit television observation agents may go in low-threat environments, however, their attention to detail and talent to watch, communicate, and act quickly and suitably should be top-notch.

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