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R-Group security solution operates tactically to make sure the security of customers, cliental assets, and property. As a security promising company, it’s up to us of doing emergency planning for the rapid recovery of buildings and areas under catastrophic situations.

Whenever any company, retailer in public areas faces a sudden alarm situation, they possibly need Security Guards for their protection to neutralize the threat’s dilemma and Transfer them to a safe place. We provide you with a 24/7 security Alarm response services in Adelaide and Perth.

You can trust R-Group security solutions for looking after your property. Our guards do patrolling overnight to see that all the things going well in assigned areas. We are 24/7 in contact with alarm monitoring companies, when any stressful condition prevails or alarms get activate then alarm monitoring companies contact us for security guards, which in no time visit the area for checking the lock or any damage that took place, the guard then gives immediate response or to the clients and call to police.

R-group Security solutions company provides you with 24/7 Alarm response Services no matter what’s the time of day, you can contact R-group security solution for your security needs day or night.

R-Group Security  has a structured online portal that interlinked the security staff, clients, and our management operators with each other. Our security staff will report an incident on this portal to alert R-Group Operational management. Our communications system is designed to provide maximum data, reports along with pieces of evidence to our client to examine our performance.

Whenever, you need any event security guard with the experience suitable to your needs. We will provide you with an adaptable service as per your requirements. Call us on 08-74777970 or send us an email at [email protected]