7 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Private Security Company

Every smart business owner understands how important it is to hire a private security company in today’s world, where crimes have become so common that one robbery takes place every five minutes or so in one area or another.

Many private security companies can be found on the internet, but have many of those companies actually provided superior-quality security services? We just don’t know.

But here are some questions that can help you determine whether the private security company you’re considering hiring has got to prove its mettle.


How Do You Train The Security Officers?


This question can give you great insight into whether the security guards the company will provide you with will perform their duty well.

Suppose. In that case, professionals give the protective officers and guards security training. It’s good to know because you can at least rely on them to save you from an unfortunate incident.


Do Certified Professionals Train the Security Guards?


Another question you shouldn’t forget is whether certified professionals train security officers. Security training professionals are highly skilled experts specialising in security training, armed combat firearm-using skills, etc.

Every security guard is given formal training to do their job diligently.


Do Security Guards Practice Unarmed Defensive Tactics?


Using firearms is not the only answer for keeping unfortunate incidents at bay. Protective officers especially those protecting shops, Malls, etc. must know how to use unarmed defensive tactics.

Unarmed defensive tactics are all about handling various potentially harmful situations without using any fire weapons.


Are Background Checks Performed on Security Officers?


All reputed private companies hire Protective officers after performing thorough background checks. These checks ensure that the individuals they are about to hire do not have any criminal records or complaints lodged against them.

So, it wouldn’t hurt to ask if the private protective companies background-check the security guards before referring them to third-party employers.


Are Security Officers Trained to Handle Medical Emergencies?


Nowadays, the private security industry has become very competitive, and to have an edge over other companies, security officers are given additional training, such as medical training. Some companies train their security officers to handle medical emergencies and know how to assist the wounded with first aid kits, etc.


Do Armed Security Officers Hold Licenses?


The security guards you’re about to hire must hold licenses for handling firearms. Licensing ensures that the guns won’t be mishandled. Also, make sure the licenses are awarded to them by state-regulated agencies (Firearms Registry).


Are Security Officials Provided with Insurance?


Protective officers put their bodies on the line to protect their employers from harm, so you must make sure that they are given proper medical and accidental insurance in case they are injured.

Medical and accidental insurance from a good insurance company shows that the private security company cares for its employees and takes them seriously.

Next time you hire a private officer from a private security company, remember to ask these six questions. R-Group Security is the best company offering superior security services in Adelaide, South Australia.