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When it is on the subject of protecting your business, equipment, machinery, and employee’s life on the construction site, it’s important to take site security issues seriously.

Contact the R-Group Security Solution before starting any project or business for ensuring site security in South Australia and Western Australia. We make sure the safety while on the Construction site.

We provide Mining & Construction site securityguards and also with mobile patrol service on the site in Adelaide and Perth. Our all security guards have proper communication means to interact with each other and report us for additional assistance. We keep a cunning look on the entire vehicle site designated entrance. We take responsibility for safeguarding your equipment, tools, and materials.

We maintain a secured control system for all equipment, tools, and expensive tools.

R-Group Security Solution has a structured online portal that interlinked the security staff, clients, and our management operators with each other. Our security staff will report an incident on this portal to alert R-Group Operational management. Our communications system is designed to provide maximum data, reports along with pieces of evidence to our client to examine our performance.

The majority of violations committed at industrial and construction sites occur at night, when the perpetrators disguise themselves with baseball caps, hoodies, Construction Site Security, or stolen vehicles to gain entry. As a result, CCTV security systems are rendered useless because they only observe crime rather than attempting to stop it.

Whenever, you need any experienced security guard in consistent with your needs. We will provide you with an adaptable service as per your requirements. Call us on 08-74777970 or get a Quote

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