We listen and understand our client’s need and focus to satisfy their need, we make sure our clients get maximum benefits and value-added security service in consideration of money so we can meet their expectation level every time.

Whatever your specific requirements the highly trained and carefully selected security guards at R-Group security have the deep knowledge, discipline and adaptability. Our all-security personals are licensed and extensively trained in all aspects of legal, regulatory and methodological with security operations.

We provide more than simple criminal deterrence and property protection. We help you better account for the safety and wellbeing of your employees, community or event attendees.

Our online portal allows security staff to report incident and alarm response outcomes to us. Our communications system is designed to provide maximum data, reports along with evidence to our clients in-order to examine our performance.

We are offer following security guarding services.

Static Guarding

Construction Site Security

Retail and Commercial Security

Cooperate Security

Security Escorts

Concierge Services

First Aid Support and Security for Events

Additionally, alongside guarding and support service, our staff can be engaged to provide you with customer service security training and emergency response, planning and exercises.

Following reasons to choose R-Group security guard services?  Customer service-oriented guards, 24/7 availability, Communication and reporting, no lock in contracts, Affordable pricing, respond to emergency situations such as fire alarms, assist with administration duties such as answering phone enquiries, manage access control, Monitor and organise maintenance.

When you need a security guard with the experience suitable to your industry, or needs and adaptable service as per your requirements, call us on 08-74777970 or alternatively, send us an email at operations@rgroupsecurity.com.au