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R Group Security Solutions offers professional security guard services in Perth. Their experienced team ensures safety and peace of mind for clients.

Perth businesses and residents seeking reliable security solutions can turn to Rgroup Security Solutions for top-notch services. With a focus on providing well-trained security personnel, Rgroup addresses various security needs, from event security to corporate protection. The company prides itself on its quick response times and the ability to tailor its services to meet the unique requirements of each client.

Committed to maintaining a safe environment, Rgroup’s security guards are not only vigilant but also courteous, blending seamlessly into any setting while keeping a watchful eye on potential risks. Trust in Rgroup Security Solutions to deliver security with professionalism and expertise, safeguarding what matters most to you.

Keeping your property and people safe is a top priority. In Perth, Rgroup Security Solutions stands out. They offer top security guard services. Their team is skilled and reliable. You can trust them for all your security needs.


Why Choose Rgroup Security Solutions?


Rgroup has a reputation for excellence. They focus on client needs. Their guards are well-trained. The company uses the latest security practices. With Rgroup, safety is never a question. They work hard to keep you and your assets secure.


Services Offered by R Group Security Solutions:


R Group provides various services. These include:

  • Concierge Services
  • Static And Retail security guards
  • Mining & Construction Security
  • Shopping Mall Security
  • Crowd Control Security
  • Mobile Patrol & Alarm Response
  • Event And Security Guards 

Each service is key to safety. They cover different security needs. Rgroup makes sure they offer a wide range. This is so you can find what suits you best.


Security Guards Services In Perth


Security officers are commonly known as security guards. They are responsible for ensuring everyone is safe, providing security guard services,  and watching for suspicious activity. Their work can include patrolling a property at night or during the day and checking for anything unusual. Security officers may also be assigned to specific entrances or exits to ensure they’re only opened by authorized personnel.

Everyone worries about the security of their homes and businesses (small or big) across South Australia. When searching for authentic and dependable security services, always consider R-Group Security Solution as your first option. R-Group Security offers a premier security guard service with seven years of experience in the security service industry.

Our security guards are highly trained and experienced in sizeable situations. We are focused on protecting your properties and assets to satisfy your residential, commercial, and industrial security issues.

R-Group Security Solution strives to meet our customers’ needs and requirements so that they can focus on their businesses. You can contact R-Group Security Solution about onsite security services. We will provide you with uniformed and unarmed security guards who are physically fit and well-trained to handle all types of threats to your properties and businesses.

You require onsite security guards for the following issues that you may face:


  • Deter crimes in the workplace.
  • Handle security matters efficiently.
  • Provide a prompt response time.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Maintain a sense of security.

R-Group Security Solution has a structured online portal that interlinks the security staff, clients, and management operators with each other. Our security staff reports an incident on this portal to alert R-Group Operational management. Our communications system is designed to provide maximum data, reports, and evidence to our clients so that they can examine our performance.

Professional Security Guard Services – Site Security service


R Group Security guards provide security for assets, people, or premises. They ensure that the premises are safe from potential harm. These professionals also monitor property policies and keep order in public places such as malls, banks, and schools. 

In Australia, many types of security guards can be hired for different purposes, including:

  • Building Security Guards
  • Construction Site Security Guards
  • Event Security Guards
  • Overseers of Sewage Works

Each team member is an integral part of our business and a brand ambassador for our organization. At Rgroup Security, we know that building our staff and teams builds quality for our clients. The level of service we aim to provide is reflected in each service one of our employees provides.

Through electronic reporting and compliance systems, we support our clients and employees in guaranteeing the highest possible level of service before providing security and safety services to others.

Following reasons to choose R-Group Security Solution’s ONSITE Security Service:


Customer service-oriented guards, 24/7 availability, Communication and reporting, no lock-in contracts, Affordable pricing, responding to emergencies such as fire alarms, assisting with administrative duties such as answering phone inquiries, managing access control, Alarm Response, and organizing maintenance.

Rgroups collaborates closely with all our guards and clients to guarantee a fruitful partnership based on an in-depth comprehension of your company’s requirements. We don’t stop there when we put a guard in a position!

Whenever you need an experienced security guard who is consistent with your needs, we will provide an adaptable service per your requirements. Call us at 08-74777970 or send us an email at

We also perform the following services:


  • Static Guarding
  • Construction Site Security
  • Retail and Commercial Security
  • Security Escorts
  • Concierge Services
  • First Aid Support and Security for Events

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