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If you have a retailing business and you are worried about the security of your products and customers and if you are also concern about the retailor transaction. Then you must hire static security guards and officers for ensuring that the end-user of the product is the buyer. And no robbery has occurred in your store. Retailor specialists make sure the protection, safety, and well-being of the customers and the employees in a retail store. Security specialist makes sure to prevent financial damage caused by stealing, burglary, robbery and all the dangers that might cause damage or loss to your business. As in this period of COVID-19 you can’t afford any loss so it would be a good decision of hiring an experienced security staff for your retailor. R-Group Security Solution provides you with a retailer specialist who will make sure the security of your business.

R-Group Security Solution has a structured online portal that interlinked the security staff, clients, and our management operators with each other. Our security staff will report an incident on this portal to alert R-Group Operational management. Our communications system is designed to provide maximum data, reports along with evidence to our client to examine our performance.

We provide retail specialist for the following business:-

  • Convenient stores. Service-related businesses (beauty salons and rental places are also considered)
  • Grocery Stores and Supermarkets
  • General Merchandise Stores
  • Specialty Stores that Sell One Type of Product
  • Non-Store Retailers
  • Restaurants and Dining Establishments

Whenever, you need any experienced security guard in consistent with your needs. We will provide you with an adaptable service as per your requirements. Call us on 08-74777970 or send us an email at [email protected]